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Doctor Who Concrit
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Welcome to dw_concrit. This is a community whose purpose is to provide a place for writers of Doctor Who fanfiction to post their work, knowing they will receive constructive criticism in addition to the standard glowing reviews. Please note the word constructive: this is not a place where flaming will be tolerated. However, the difference between concrit and flaming must be noted and will be enforced. A good place to start is the following essay:


This essay should be considered required reading for every member of this community.

Let's break it down into the simplest terms. dw_concrit is a place to post fanfic like so many others scattered around. What’s different about this community is that as writers we’re expecting—looking for, even—concrit; and as readers, we’re willing to give it. As the article linked above pointed out, a lot of people either tend to leave rather plain vanilla reviews or just choose not to review instead of leaving concrit. That’s where we come in. We want to be a safe place to give and take concrit so that we can become better writers, no matter the reason why we write. The fact of the matter is that authors love reviews, but sometimes we want more. We want to know why people like our work, not just that it made them squeal with joy. And conversely, if there is something that stands out that makes a reader cringe, it would be nice to know that as well. That’s where the definition of constructive criticism needs to be enforced. As stated above, no flaming will be tolerated. If you hate a fic on principle because it’s not your ship, that’s not constructive criticism. If you lost interest because a character suddenly veered off to act in a wildly uncharacteristic manner and you can point out specifics, then we have something.

We welcome any writer of Doctor Who fanfiction—we are not a shipper comm, we are a writer’s comm, therefore anything that falls under the Doctor Who/Torchwood aegis is fair game—or anyone with questions about becoming one. Appropriate posts include fics or partial fics with requests for concrit (under an lj-cut); questions or informational posts about writing, either in general or specifically relating to a work in progress; and questions relating to Doctor Who canon. If you are not sure whether your post is appropriate to the community, please email one of the mods before posting.

If you would like to keep your work out of the general public while you're working on it, please feel free to friends-lock your posts. No member may bring the content of locked posts into the public eye without the express consent of the poster. No exceptions. Breaking this rule will result in banishment from the community. Authors have to be able to trust their writing groups; if you prove yourself untrustworthy, you will be banned.

That said, it is our hope that our community becomes a place where writers can come to learn, to teach, and to have some fun in this wonderful world of the Doctor and his many companions.